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So you’re into zero waste, huh?
Let me guess, you were busy minding your business, doing whatever it is that you do on the internet, and BOOM, zero waste happened.
You may have this master plan to become the ultimate zero waste warrior, or maybe you just wanna create less waste than you’re creating now. Either way – you’re in the right spot.
Since you’ve made it to this blog amidst trying to navigate your way through the zero waste black hole (Fyi, it never ends. Sorry.), there’s a good chance that by now you’ve evaluated your life and realized you create a lot of waste and want to do better for the environment.
There might be some problems though. There’s a chance…
  • You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  • It seems as though your small efforts won’t make a difference.
  • You feel alone in your journey and wish there were other like-minded people you could connect to.
Regardless of what stage of your journey you’re in, your goal is to create less waste and live on this planet while being less of a problem.
I get it, you want to make an impact, but you don’t want to give up your life.
You might even feel like what you’re doing is so small that it doesn’t matter, but let’s think about it.
There’s a story about a man who was walking on the beach after a storm. He noticed that there were starfish stranded all over the place. 
Then in the distance, the old man saw a little boy who was walking down the beach in the old man’s direction. The little boy was doing something, but the old man couldn’t make out what it was until the little boy got closer. 
When he finally did get closer, the old man got a chance to ask the boy what he was doing.
The boy responded, “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves…when the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.”
Then the old man tried to kill his vibe by saying, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”
Then the boy threw another starfish into the ocean and said, “It made a difference to that one!”
adapted from, which adapted theirs from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907-1977).
Just think of that one saying that goes something like even if you walk slowly you’re still doing more than the person sitting on the couch. 
How does that saying go? 
Hold on, let me google it right quick…
Okay, I found it…
“No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping people on the couch.”
These two things my friends, the couch quote, and the starfish story, bring me to my personal beliefs about zero waste and starting your journey.
  • I believe that no matter what you’re doing, no matter how big or small, as long as you’re putting forth an effort, you’re making a difference.
  • I believe that we should applaud, welcome, and support everyone no matter what stage of their journey they’re in.
  • I don’t believe that going zero waste should ruin your life, and if it does, it’s probably because you made too many changes too soon. If this happens, I think you should pull back, reevaluate, and make changes that will make you happy.
  • Most importantly, I believe that every now and then, we’re all gonna f*ck up, and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when we do. Also, there will be things that some of us aren’t willing to give up for the sake of zero waste, and that’s okay. I like my pumpkin spice lattes hot chocolates too, and yes I get upset when the barista makes it in a paper cup just to pour it into my reusable one.
My main point that I’m trying to address is that going zero waste should be fun, rewarding, and not overly difficult. I want to help make sure that your journey ends up being that way.
ClassyAshli - Ashli Cooper about
Hi guys! My name is Ashli, and I’m so into this zero waste thing. So much so, I’ve decided to share my journey with you and hopefully inspire you throughout yours!
My journey started when I was sitting in group circle in the woods, and we were all holding hands and singing kumbaya. 
Just kidding. To be honest, I don’t really remember how my journey started. Probably from browsing Pinterest or YouTube or something. I can’t remember the details. I just remember being completely engrossed in Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer YouTube videos.
I spent the first year or so learning about zero waste and just absorbing all the information I could. Now I’m here to let you all in on whats going on with me and my journey. 
I still consider myself a beginner and someone who is just starting. Although I’ve learned a lot, I’m just now making it a part of my life.
My hope is that through watching my journey, you can learn what to do, want not to do, and maybe gain some tips to take back with you on your own journey.
I want to help you navigate your way through the world of zero waste.
I hope you find my blog helpful, and I really appreciate you taking the time out of your life to spend time with me here on the internet!